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Our idea is to make our familyhistory being a living experience and our roots a source for the future. Therefor we want to explore our common history and to share it.

Project 1.
We like to collect as much as possible datas about the Knackmussen-family-members to generate one big family-tree. Therefore we need your support. For example you can invite all Knackmussen-descendants into our Facebook-Group, so we can build up a network in which we can find answers and close missing links. Also we can learn about our family and each other and may be, we can find exchange-possibilities for our children.

Project 2.

Next to the datas, the stories of a family are important, cause they are a picture of our family. But also they are a mirror of the history of the “Colbitz-Letzlinger-Heide”. In this interdependence between our family and the land I am interested as a sociologist. So I would like to invite you, to tell me your family-legends. I am going to join this stories into a book, to share them with you.

Project 3.

A future vision is a family-reunion here in the region in the Colbitz-Letzlinger-Heide.  A few of you have visited us here and had the possibility to see some of the Knackmussen-Places. It would be great to continue this…

Our Projects

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