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1575 - until tomorrow

Family and Stirpes

In 1575 Hans Knackmussen (Knokemussen) came to a place called Modderkuhl, where he settled as a miller. His ancestors probably have been "Knochenhauer=Knokemussen", which is a synonym for a butcher. In the following centuries the spelling of the Familyname changedand it could happen that of two children in one family, one was called Knochenmus and the other one Knackmuhs. In former times the spelling was addicted to the idiom. Knokemussen and Knackmussen was low german pronunciation,  Knochenmus high german. So for a long time, there was no rule, how the correct spelling of the name is. We can be sure, that all people with the different spelling of the Knackmussen-Name belong at least to one family. The low number of people with this name coming from one region, is an good argumentfor this theory. Step by step we are now looking for the links between the stirpes. 


One stirps - may be we call it the mainline - are the familymemebers, who live around Modderkuhl/Uchtspringe until today. Another line is focussed in Lindhorst and Colbitz (coming von Angern and Dolle) - going to Friedensau und to the USA.

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